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Mobile cams teasers pussy.letscamsex.com1. How does the nursery communicate with parentsAt Honey Pot we see one of our key strengths as partnership with parents. We strongly believe that children learn best when parents are actively involved in all aspects of Nursery life.Children under 3 years will receive a daily diary that will provide you with all of the information you will need to know about your childs day. Children over 3 years will receive a weekly summary of activities.Verbal hand overs are provided on a daily basis for all children.Newsletters are posted each month on the nursery website and provide information regarding up and coming events. Important information is also displayed on the parents notice board.2. As a parent how involved will I be in Nursery lifeAs a nursery we actively encourage all parentscarers to be involved in nursery life. Twice a year we hold parents evenings where parents are invited into the setting to meet with their childs key person and discuss learning and development.